As a way to encourage the participation of Chilean universities in the Competencia Internacional de Arbitraje (International Moot of Arbitration) and in «The Annual Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot» (Vis Moot), the Office of Studies and International Affairs of CAM Santiago organizes annually two pre-moots for the national and international teams registered in the official moots.

CAM Santiago Vis Pre Moot & Conference (in English):
With a first edition between 1993 and 1994 and with 28 editions to date, the largest international commercial arbitration competition in the world is the Vis Moot. As in other competitions, the structure of this “moot” consists in the writing of memorandums for claimant and respondent and in the presentation of oral arguments (in this moot, in English), based on a fictitious case. The Vis Moot case is published every year in October, memorials are presented in December and January, and the oral hearings take place in Vienna in April. As a way to prepare the Chilean and regional teams for the oral hearings, the first edition of the «CAM Santiago Vis Pre-Moot & Conference» took place in March 2020, an activity that will take place online in 2021 and will be open to Chilean and foreign universities.

Pre Moot CAM Santiago (in Spanish):

In our continent, since 2008, the University of Buenos Aires Law School (Argentina) and Del Rosario University (Colombia) anually organize the Competencia Internacional de Arbitraje, in Spanish . The case of the International Moot of Arbitration is published each year in March, the memorandums are presented in June and July and the arguments take place annually -in a different capital of the Americas- in September. In 2010, CAM Santiago organized the first friendly trainning for national universities, an activity that over the years was crystallized in the «Pre Moot CAM Santiago». This activity takes place annually in September and is open to Chilean and foreign universities.

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